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Cheapest NVQ in care

Qualification Details

This is the new NVQ in health and social care Level 2. This qualification is the full QCF (NVQ) Level 2 in Health and Social Care. The course is recognised by care providers, the CQC and the Nursing Universities. This is the course you need to be a fully qualified health and social care professional in the United Kingdom. You can also use this qualification for progression to level 3. With this qualification, you are qualified to work in within the care settings in the United Kingdom.

Benefits of the Course

After successful completion of the course, you would have achieved:

  • The nationally recognised QCF (NVQ) Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care.

  • A qualification that gives you direct access to study level 3 or related higher health care courses in the United Kingdom.

  • Qualification recognised by social care providers and the CQC.

  • Qualification that gives you the certificate needed to be in a qualified worker within the health and social care settings.

  • The knowledge, skills and competence for working in social care settings.

  • A recognised certificate from the awarding body.

    Cheapest NVQ in care

  • Unlimited feedback, support and guidance from your assessor.

  • One direct observation of you working in your workplace.

  • Your own personal portfolio.

  • Free Lecture handout and reading resources.

  • The ability to complete your qualification quickly.

Entry Requirements

There is no formal qualification required for enrol for this course. The course is open to anyone irrespective of country, race or level of education. However, you must be working in a care setting either as employed or volunteer to be able to complete the course. You must also understand English as the course will be taken in English Language.

 How long will it take?

There are no fixed periods for completion. It all depends on the time taken to submit your assignments and provide required evidence in your portfolio. Ideally, you should finish within 6 months.


Course Breakdown

Each unit within the Diploma has a credit rating and to achieve the QCF Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care you will need to complete 9 mandatory units along with a choice of optional knowledge and competence units equalling an overall 46 credits.

You have the choice of studying one of the following pathways:

  • Generic pathway

  • Dementia pathway

  • Learning Disabilities pathway

Mandatory Units

  1. Introduction to Communication in Health & Social Care Settings

  2. Introduction to Personal Development in Health & Social Care Settings

  3. Introduction to Equality and Inclusion in Health & Social Care Settings

  4. Introduction to Duty of Care in Health & Social Care Settings

  5. Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health & Social Care Settings

  6. The Role of the Health & Social Care Worker

  7. Implement Person-Centred Approaches in Health & Social Care Settings

  8. Contribute to Health & Safety in Health & Social Care

  9. Handle Information in Health & Social Care Settings

Methods for Gathering Evidence

  • Direct observation of your working practice

  • Witness Testimony from a work colleague, service user or advocate

  • Reflective prior learning – certificates of recently achieved training

  • Questioning

  • Work Products – your assessor can observe a work product such as a care plan you have contributed towards.


Delivery mode: Blended/ distance Learning with optional classroom meetings.

How the delivery works

As soon as you sign up for the course, you will be allocated a personal tutor/assessor whom you can be interacting with on a one-to-one basis. It is possible to be meeting your tutor live-online using skype or video conferencing facilities or face to face. Your personal tutor will contact you within 48 hours of enrolment to introduce himself to you and send you the reading pack for the knowledge part of the first Unit. The reading pack will contain necessary reading materials as well as your portfolio assignment for the module.

You are free to contact your personal tutor several times while studying your materials to ask questions or seek clarifications on the units. When you are done with your assignments for the first unit, forward it to your personal tutor who will assess it and make sure they are up to the standard of the awarding body. If they are not, you will be advised on what to do until your work is of required standard. You will then be sent the reading pack for the 2nd unit. This process continues until you complete all the four units.

On completion of all the required units, you will then agree with your personal tutor and arrange for the observation of you at workplace. After this, you will then put all your work together for your final portfolio which will then be internally and externally moderated before obtaining your certificate of award.



 Cheapest NVQ in care


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Cheapest NVQ in care

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